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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"


- Benjamin Franklin


A Scaled Approach

Start as big or as small as you see fit. We know there is no one size fits all approach and will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that expectations match your services.

Training & Preperation

Let us worry about the time differences.  We will meet when your team is available and share updates and information with schools abroad. 

International Challenges

ASE can provide professional growth opportunities or training if requested to ensure that your staff are prepared to lead lessons for international, non-native English speaking students.

Active Partnership

You are included in our “big-picture.”  Without you we can’t be at our best.  We encourage you to participate in webinars or summits as they take place and will always solicit your input when discussing growth.  

An extension of who YOU are

As a curriculum provider and valued partner with American STEM Education, we want to assure you that we seek a long-term association between our two companies and the school districts abroad.  ASE coordinates with schools seeking a standard based, high quality curriculum or supplemental materials and pair them with well-matched curriculum provider. 


As a trusted ASE curriculum provider, we take pride in getting to know your company, your business model, and your curriculum offerings so we can facilitate and coordinate the implementation with schools abroad.  With a scaled approach partnership model and a focus on long-term relationships, we can assure you that you won’t be asked to over commit or over package your product and we will work with you to ensure you don’t exceed your limits.  Your sales team will work closely with ASE consultant specialists to provide ensure your offerings fit each school’s needs.  As a curriculum partner you’ll also be invited to participate virtually or in-person at our American STEM Education summits.  This allows you access to multiple schools and by working together, we can provide students with growth and development opportunities through STEM without having to change your product. 

Travelling in America

Why It Is Important

Our personal experience guides a process of smooth communication and satisfaction for all parties.

Past ExperienceA recently hired principal has been asked to implement a robotics program.  With a staff of two international teachers, they will work to develop and implement the new STEM program for approximately 75 students by the Spring semester. The principal serves as the primary point of contact and, unfortunately, has a limited background in STEM but the owner of the school continues to make requests to implement this curriculum soon.  The principal flounders for the first month due to the pressure of the new job, new year and day-to-day interruptions of leading a school.  STEM gets put on the "back burner" as the problems arising require a significant amount of attention.  That principal hears from a former colleague about American STEM Education and contacts us for assistance.  Now, with ASE onboard, that principal and the teachers can contact us for assistance.  When problems arise, they contact our Korean office or send us an email directly.  By the time we wake up, a solution can be developed between ASE and our partners, translated abroad and provided to the principal in a short period of time.

Why it is Important: This may sound oversimplified, however, in our collective experiences, problems arise when the time differences, holidays, or school breaks lead to delays in finding solutions.  These delays can lead to teacher burnout, administrative stalling or resignation and ultimately, a negative experience for the students after weeks or months of attempted, but failed, development and implementation.  This also could reflect negatively on the curriculum provider.  We will work tirelessly to ensure students have the best experiences by coordinating effectively and efficiently with our schools and the curriculum partners we trust. 

Travelling in America
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