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Elementary School


Grades: 1-6

Staff: ~10

Enrolled Students: ~40


Director: Timothy Bray

Operations Manager: Brandon Suh


Our Mission

"ASP-Daegu will deliver a first-class STEM education that will further our students towards becoming well-rounded, English-speaking, critical thinking students that are fully prepared for further study at an international middle school."


Message from the Director, Tim Bray

Dear  Parents  and  Students, 

Welcome to American STEM Prep - Daegu! My name is Tim Bray and I'm excited that we'll be working together to build a bright future for our students. With great help from the ASE team, we can't wait to share our new school with you. It is teachers who will create the traditions, routines and interactions with our students that will continue on into the future of this school.

It is our duty to help our students reach their potential and become the people they desire to be and reach the future they dream to live. I know that you have the potential to support our students with their dreams. It is our goal to help each other reach our potential and become the teachers we can be, so that our students can be the people they dream to be in the future. I'm so thrilled to begin this journey of learning and development together with all of you!


Get to Know Us

ASP-Daegu is the newest member to the ASP family. Opening in March 2023, come back soon to check-in with our progress. Our licensed teachers work hard to provided with a warm, welcoming and healthy academic environment.

Our Awesome Staff!

Our staff from the office to the classrooms make our school the amazing place that it is! Each of our teachers are licensed educators from their home-countries or has a master's degree in the field that they teach. We are so proud of the incredible work they do!

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