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We grow because of our amazing staff and STEM oriented curriculum. Join a school program where growth is created through consistent reinvestment in students by providing the best teachers, facilities and tools our families could want.

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Message from the STEM Board

Why STEM? Young people have a natural curiosity about the world around them. STEM can help them engage with the questions they have, and encourages them to explore their ideas about how the world  works.


It incorporates failure; we don’t expect youngsters (or ourselves!) to always get the right  solution the first time, or even the second or third time. What we want to do is prompt them to continue to try out ideas to find the solution that best fits the question – and then use that best answer to iterate to the next (hopefully better!) solution. If a solution doesn’t work, analyze the results and formulate the  next solution.


STEM starts from the premise that learning is messy, it expects mistakes, it encourages  the fun of exploration, the joy of learning that comes as we make our way from idea to solution.  Hopefully, along the way, we work with others, we discuss the problem, we reach consensus on ways  to attack the problem, and assess together the success or failure of our solution. And at the end, we have not only taught ourselves the solution to our question, but have also started to learn a process of  problem-solving that will serve us well through the many questions to come. Most importantly, though, we have enjoyed the process of learning!


Gwanggyo City, South Korea

Home to our founding programs, Gwanggyo City is one of Korea's fastest growing cities and home to over a million people. Our first ASP branches opened in 2020.

Songdo District, South Korea

Opening in 2022, the Songdo campus is located in Incheon, South Korea. A fast growing, fast paced and green city. Incheon is the second largest city in Korea after Seoul. 

Daegu City, South Korea

Our newest campus is opening in February of 2023. Daegu is located in central South Korea and is a traditional manufacturing powerhouse for the country. 

Queretaro, Mexico

Projected to open in 2024-2025, ASE is excited to expand American education offerings to more locations around the world. ASP-Q will be the first English immersion school in Queretaro, Mexico.

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