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Grades: Preschool

Staff: ~10

Enrolled Students: ~40


Director: Krystal Woo

Executive Director: Helen Gu


Our Mission

"We believe in early childhood education as a source of growth, not just for children, but for the future."


Message from the Exec. Director, Helen Gu

Our main focus is to encourage the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of your child by recognizing the strengths, diversity, and uniqueness of all who learn. Using their personal interests and creativity, we foster a meaningful and enriching environment that nurtures their young minds.
We believe every child is unique in terms of life experiences, developmental readiness, and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is essential that teachers, personnel, and families partner together to promote optimal growth and development of young children.
We envision a school where educators and families open the world of learning and discovery by supporting their strengths while encouraging explorations to become confident and successful for future learning.
We understand that by integrating learning and play, children learn best when participating actively in various kinds of activities that involve using their five senses, such as methods of hands-on and kinesthetic learning.
We strive to provide opportunities that will build the foundation of a developmentally appropriate early childhood program.

Get to Know Us

ASP-Preschool was already one of the most trusted English-language Preschools in Gwanggyo. With a focus on building, experimenting and basics in English phonics, preschool students get a head-start on an English-language education. 

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