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Curriculum through Partnership

Finding Inspiration by Working Together


Message from the Director of School Outreach, Markus Tillmanns

As the Director of School Outreach at American STEM Education, my mission is to ensure that our students have access to the best possible education. At American STEM Education, we believe that the key to success in the classroom is a combination of top-notch teachers and a dynamic, engaging curriculum. That's why we're proud to be the American partner and curriculum consultant for ASP programs, where the well-being of our students is always our top priority.


At American STEM Education, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education. That's why we only hire the most qualified and passionate teachers for our ASP programs. In fact, less than 5% of applicants are offered a contract to work with us. Our teachers are licensed in their home countries or hold a Master's degree in their field, and they are dedicated to continuing their professional development. We also observe their lessons regularly to ensure they are meeting the Common Core Standards and providing our students with the highest quality education

The second half of a strong classroom is an engaging and rigorous curriculum that aligns to national teaching standards. Our programs are modeled on American Common Core Standards but also include STEM specific standards outlined by Next Generation Science Standards and AERO. Additionally, our extra curriculars follow standards by the Society of Health and Physical Educators, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the National Core Arts Standards. We do this by partnering with licensed curriculum providers in the United States and Canada such as the Boston Museum of Science, Savvas, Harmony SEL, CoreKnowledge, Houghton Mifflin, and McGraw Hill


At American STEM Education, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we are developing a shared curriculum map and resource that is used by all of our ASP schools. This means that our students are all working towards the same standards, no matter which school they attend. Our teachers also have access to a platform where they can share lessons, materials, and projects with each other. This way, they can learn from one another and continually improve their teaching. If you have any questions about our curriculum, don't hesitate to contact an administrator at an ASP building

It is because of these rigorous standards that our programs are accredited by Accreditation International, National Council for Private School Accreditation and are going through the process of accreditation with Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools and with Cognia. ASP-E is also going through the process of becoming an Apple School, joining an exclusive high-end technology accreditation process. Only two schools in Korea have reached this benchmark. Even more exciting, our student enrollment across district is growing 30-40% year-over-year showing a high level interest in our services. 


One of the things I am most proud of at American STEM Education are the sights and sounds you will find in our buildings. If you haven't visited one of our programs, I encourage you to do so. You'll hear students excitedly learning about 3D printing, engineering, math, robotics, and programming. They'll be smiling and having fun with their teachers and classmates in a supportive English-immersion environment. It's truly a pleasure to see our students thriving in this way.

Never hesitate to reach out to American STEM Education or you can reach out to your local administrator.



Markus Tillmanns

Director of School Outreach for ASE


Top-End Technology

At ASE, we believe that reinvestment is key to providing the best education possible. As a partner, we expect our schools to make a commitment to renewing their facilities, technology, curriculum resources, and third-party partnerships during budgeting periods. This ensures that our students have access to the very best resources and opportunities every day.


Fully-Funded Classes

At our schools, we believe that the best teachers are those who are able to pursue their passions in the classroom. That's why we encourage our teachers to dream up the courses, curriculum, and clubs that they wish they had when they were students. Whether it's a YouTube video-making class or a fabrication lab with laser cutters, we support our teachers in bringing their dream courses to life.


Apple School

We are proud to announce that all of our schools are working towards becoming certified Apple Schools. This prestigious certification is only granted to schools that demonstrate a commitment to providing high-end technology access to their students. In fact, our schools are among only a handful in South Korea to earn this distinction.

Programming Map.png


At American STEM Education, we believe in giving our students a strong foundation in coding from an early age. That's why we start teaching the basics of coding in elementary school, and we gradually increase the complexity of the material as students progress through the grades. By the time they graduate, our students are well-equipped to tackle even the most challenging coding projects.

Robotics Map.png


At American STEM Education, we believe in combining engineering and robotics to give our students a well-rounded education. By teaching them how to program and construct robots, we help them develop the skills they need to complete a wide range of tasks. Whether the task is to build a robot to do a task around the house or to explore a distant planet, our students are always learning and growing.

In Development

We are developing a lesson plan sharing system that balances high standards and teacher flexibility. The system will be based on the ASE Curriculum Map and will include the best lessons from all ASP schools. This will provide high quality options for current and future teachers.

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