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Our Mission

American STEM Education understands that the core of a high quality American education is a well rounded education tailored to individual students’ needs. Thus, personalized professional support for schools through one-on-one work with administration, teachers, students and parents is at the heart of our work. Our promise is partnership.



You know best what makes your school special.


We will never prescribe solutions but instead work with you by listening to your needs, studying your systems and working with you on a course of action. At the end of the day, we aim to be your best employee. 



We understand the many layers of an educational institution from years of management and teaching experience.


You can rest assured our strategy is to work in your best interest with administration, teachers, parents and students always considered in our approach. 



Pride is our result and we will never compromise in its achievement. 


By partnering with us you will be proud of the product you are able to provide, students will be proud of their education and parents will be proud of to have put their child's educational future in your hands.

Administration will gain access to...

a wealth of experience and professional connections throughout Asia, America and Europe. 

immediate hiring support for domestic and American staff

customizable legal contracts and staff policies.

guidance and logistic support of the accreditation process (ATLAS) and MAP testing. 

development of marketing materials for all levels of need,

consultation to understand cultural differences and norms between staff, administration and students to ensure strong collaboration.

Teachers can work with confidence, receiving support in...

development of a rigorous curriculum (NextGen, CCS) with consideration of a school’s needs through proprietary ASE lesson plans or the adaptation of 3rd party lesson plans. 

identifying and addressing emotional, academic and behavior needs within the school community and classroom.

curriculum implementation, development and differentiation.

Parents can rest easy, knowing that...

all consultation is provided with a student first mentality. Our goal is to ensure that every student is able to attend the college of their choice.

personal learning needs are considered in all we do and we provide curriculum support for teachers to meet them. 

we understand social emotional learning opportunities are just as important as academic ones. Our goal is for students to graduate with confidence knowing their role as active global citizens.

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