Who We Are


A partnership is in our ASE DNA.

American STEM Education (ASE) provides professional services to International K-12 Schools making it possible for them to offer high-quality American educational services for their students and parents through STEM and traditional consulting.


ASE Accreditation for your school is more than a certification of institutional and student excellence, it is a certification of experience on your side. 


Our promise is to listen, offer counsel and to be the extra pair of hands you rely on. Whether you are a school just starting out and needs support in knowledge and experience gaps or if you are an established school looking to differentiate yourself through strong curriculum development, we offer an outsized amount of experience for an undersized financial footprint.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing individualized services for you. Every school, from just opening, to those who are fine tuning curriculum, find themselves routinely in need of another set of eyes. Move forward with the comfort of knowing that with us at your back you will have more than 120 years of academic and management experience across four countries working with diverse staffs, students and challenges.

David Flannery, Ph.D.
Honorary Chairman
  • Associate Superintendent of Nacel International School System

  • Superintendent of The Elk River Area Schools

  • Founding Principal of St. Paul American School in Beijing, China.

  • Interim Director of Perpich Center for Arts Education, a Minnesota State Agency

  • 40 years of teaching and academic leadership experience

James Walker, M.E.
Director of Stem Program

- Bachelors degree in mathematics from M.I.T

- Masters degree in Education, St. Thomas

- Former STEM director at St. Paul Preparatory, MN, US.

- Former principal of St. Paul American STEM school, Shanghai, China

- Former Head coach of MN state math team, Top 3 MIT / Harvard Math



Markus Tillmanns

Training and Curriculum Support Specialist

- Bachelors degree in History Education from Wartburg College

- Former Dean of Student at St. Paul STEM School, Shanghai

- Department chair at #1 performing charter school in NY, USA

Luke Lee
Director of Administration

- MBA degree at Syracuse University, NY, US
- Former Director of Asian operations at Nacel Open Door
  (St. Paul American school system)
- Founding member of St. Paul American schools in Beijing,
  Shanghai, and Clark. 
- 15 years of administrative experience in the international school field 
Former Director of Administration at Shepherd International Education, Seoul,

- A.I. Accreditation committee visiting member

Helen Gu
Preschool Specialist

- Early Childhood Education of Ryerson University, On, Canada
- Master’s Degree in Sociology , Ajou university  
- Former Director of St. Paul American School Gwanggyo
- 20 years of Teaching experience  
- Representative of SPK & SPJ


​James Green
Academic Advisor

- Masters in Education, Central Washington University  
- Bachelors in Science, Gonzaga University Spokane, Washington
- Head teacher and administrator, BC Collegiate, Seoul, Korea
- Academic Director, Beyond Dream Scholars, Chungju, South Korea
- Various teaching experience in Korea since 2014
- Licensed RN (Registered Nurse)
- Teaching Certificate from Washington DC